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Gaming Detection Associates and Guenther Detective Agency

We can offer Training and Services to your Company, Department and Staff, in areas such as:

  • Casino Investigations
  • Casino Spotter Service
  • Background Investigations
  • Surveillance, Security
  • Investigations
  • Commission
  • Compliance
  • Regulators
  • Internal Audit

     Complete training on policy, procedures and cheating moves and detection, both by employees and patrons.

     Spotter Services Offered: Hotel, Casino, Games, Slots, Finance, Restaurants, Bars, Stores, Etc.

     Complete and through employee, vendor and outside contractor background investigations.


    Casino Integrity:




     Learn all about asset protection both in-front and back of the house and Internal Theft. Also learn emergency policies and procedures.

     Background Investigations:




     This is a complete course on employee, patrons and vendor background investigations in criminal and civil investigations, along with credit records checks, and employee and legal issues. The employee will learn how to do a complete and through investigation.


Office/Fax: 609-485-2123
Cell: 609-226-9922

Gaming Detection Associates is also affiliated with Guenther Detective Agency and can offer several services to your company such as: Casino Investigations, Casino and Hotel Spotter Service, and Background Investigations.